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Dumped!!! Debut Signing at BookExpo in NYC!

What a hoot! We collected stories from our future readers who were all laughing their asses off on line reading DUMPED. There was the woman who said she was giving DUMPED to her bosses wife “because she’s fabulous and he isn’t, so she should dump him.”; the gentleman who got DUMPED for his recent college grad daughter who had just dumped her boyfriend “because he deserved it”; mothers picking it up for their daughters for preventative measures; all genders grabbing for their whining gal pals; tons of librarians – the libraries of America have clearly evolved; even guys taking for their exes; and lots of girls wanting for themselves. All ages, all races. One of our favorites was signing a book for a dude who was convinced he was about to get dumped so he asked us to inscribe “Max is a keeper” to give to his girlfriend. Lastly, the bride all decked out in her white dress – the whole nine yards – we’ll see what the future holds for that one but at least she’s armed with her copy of DUMPED!


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I decided that I wanted to be all the things that I loved about HIM...a strong, independent, fierce, bilingual globe trotter–Mary Shafrath